Design Visualization

Conceptualization and visualization in my mind are the most crucial skills and fundamental to a designer in the process of ideation and the examination of design potential. I am an advocate for digital tools and new innovation in design technologies, yet consistently find that the mind hand connection remains formative in design which is an exterior process to the highly structured interior digital environment.

Communicating design successfully in my experience happens with the right tools for the right moment focussed around client and design team engagement, innovating, and as an aide to the illumination of possibilities during the ideation and visioning process.  A consistent and profound experience has been seeing how clients and stakeholders, including design team members, respond to physical three dimensional models over computer generated 2D artefacts.  The positive and total engagement, stimulation and invigoration of interaction and discourse around design ideas has, in my experience, consistently proven the relevance of physical modelling and analysis and has proven the exceptional value in time put into this process.  It is time honoured and results driven.  The drawings and some of the physical concept models in this gallery are part of my involvement in contributing to these projects and their concept overall.  The gallery represents a sample of where and how projects in my portfolio have begun.  The depth of the design analysis, iterations and subsequent development is attributable to a larger collaborative effort through leading and working with project design and consultant teams.  Many of these teams have been small for the job at hand yet in a positive and inspirational leadership environment these teams have produced exceptional work.  Many of the members of these project teams were cutting their teeth on these high calibre projects and it has been both my privilege and pleasure to work with these creatives, and high calibre engineering and specialty consultants in this engaging and highly energized environment.