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To the Oceanic Oneness of Humanity……………………may we help and hold each other.

Released November 1, 2017, GREAT PRAYER is a passionate incantation and anthemic song that speaks to our fragile place and balance on the planet - and in our Universe.

All proceeds are being donated to Doctors Without Borders / Medicines Sans Frontieres.

Thank you to my producer Jeff Kynoch for his continued gifts in production and engineering of this single and for his musicianship.  Thank you to Stew Kirkwood for his mastering, and multi-instrumental virtuosity, Chris Tabbert for his exquisite electric guitar work, and Lara Tang for joining me on another project with her beautiful voice.

Creative thank you to Kendel Vreeling of for the single artwork and graphic design.  Thank you to Valeeshia Young of for her managerial input publishing my work. Hugs and thanks to Lindsey Locke of for beautifully capturing special moments with everyone on the trio of singles developed over April to July.

Gratitude to my family who consistently support my music life, and to my friends for their unflagging encouragement.

This single was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Sound Extractor Studios, Edmonton, Alberta, April to July 2017.

Vaughan Hoy - Acoustic 6 string guitar and vocals
Chris Tabbert - Electric guitar
Lara Tang - Vocals
Jeff Kynoch - Percussion
Stew Kirkwood - Drums and bass

Song written and composed by Vaughan Hoy

Copyright © 2017 Vaughan Hoy. Unauthorized reproduction, copying and rental of this recording in any form is strictly prohibited by law. All rights reserved Vaughan Hoy / Vaughan Hoy Studio / FOSS Music 2017.  Made in Canada