Album cover design by Kendel Vreeling of KendelMakes

This is a song about the transcendental and hypnotic ascent of the soul in it’s quest for spirit. A song bouyed in a cosmic wind of sonic ooze, Helium Eyes spirals through our inner universe in a particle stream of polyphonic texture pulling us into it’s hypnotic gravity in a bath of universal light.  Helium Eyes is the pre-album release single for Vaughan Hoy’s upcoming full length album ‘Where To Now’ releasing on June 20, 2016 - this years Solstice.  This fabulous new album is a sumptuous richly woven album of songs grounded in the contemporary tradition of thickly polyphonic acoustic and electric instruments traveling at light speed. Traverse this cosmic trail from the inspired age of Donovan to Jefferson Airplane to Nick Drake to Pink Floyd to contemporary Indie song writing. Downloads from both these projects are being donated to Doctors Without Borders / Medicines Sans Frontieres who are aiding the refugee crisis.

This single was recorded, mixed / mastered and produced at Sound Extractor Studios, Edmonton, Alberta February to May 2016.  Base tracks were recorded at FOSS Music, Edmonton, Alberta over 2015 and 2016.  I would like to thank my producer and engineer Jeff Kynoch for his patience, ease and great fun to work with, great conversation and coaching.

It has been a great privelage to work with professional artists Lara Tang and Stew Kirkwood.  I thank Lara for her beautiful soaring vocal contributions which brought out an altogether other element of spirit and soul in this song. And I thank Stew for bringing a richness that really became special with his virtuosic percussion and solid interpretation on bass.

Artistic thanks and appreciation to Kendel Vreeling of KendelMakes for the beautiful single art work and artist photographs.

Written and composed by Vaughan Hoy
All rights reserved
Copyright Vaughan Hoy / Vaughan Hoy Studio / FOSS Music 2016

Vaughan Hoy - Vocals, Acoustic 6 String Guitars, Electric Guitars
Lara Tang - Vocals
Stew Kirkwood - Percussion & Bass, Mastering
Jeff Kynoch - Producer & Engineering